A challenge in the joint and parallel work on large interactive display Walls is the changing of parameters of the visualization without compromising the work of other users. This is made possible using magic lenses as a tool for the manipulation of the local area. The properties of the lens including lens shape, filters and filter parameters are to be adjusted by means of a menu. These existing menus are analyzed and described on their suitability to the lens. After that a menu approach is created, which specifically adapts to dynamic lens shapes. Suitable for this purpose are menu paths that can be put around different lens shapes. The menu consists of various menu items that are matched to the setting of lens properties and can be used in combination. The work is built up on an existing project, which allows the viewing of graphs with different lenses and filters. Some selected parts of the resulting concept will be implemented as a prototype and provide a closer look at the menu. The results show that the lens menu adapts to dynamic lens shapes and responds to changes in shape, whereby the menu items can be used by inexperienced users easily.