Time: Friday, 3. DS (11:10-12:40); Wednesday, 6. DS (by arrangement in E023)
Location: virtual
Quantity: 2V/2Ü/0P SWS
Language: English

General Information

  • The final submission of the exercise results has been completed.
  • We will contact you to evaluate your results and to organize the contactless handover of your physical prototypes.
  • Find more information in OPAL course: Exercise User Interface Engineering (UIE) (only for registered users)


The accompanying exercise helps to deepen the contents of the User Interface Engineering lecture with practical experiences. Therefore, we will teach the development processes of an user interface in its various phases based on real-world application scenarios. The exercise focuses on the scenario-based design process, which is divided into the analysis, design and evaluation phases. All three phases are carried out, presented and discussed in small groups. Each team works on a project during the entire semester. The projects include different topics which requires the consideration of specific users, tasks and context. Finally, the main objective of the exercise is the development of an interface solution for the selected topic that involves novel, natural interaction modalities.

Project topics of this semester (tentatively) – Digital Classroom

  • Classroom attention guidance
  • Coordinate pupil’s participation
  • Support exam preparation
  • Digital table
  • Next-generation school bag
  • Class participation of absent students
  • Digital enhanced calendar
  • Digital sportswear
  • Exploring a library shelf


Links to the corresponding video conferences will be provided via OPAL during the semester.

Date Exercise Slot (Friday, 11:10-12:40)
30.10. Introduction Course, Topic Assignment (livestream)
see OPAL for BigBlueButton link
06.11. Introduction Requirement Analysis (livestream)
13.11. Consultations (registration till Wed. 2pm by email)
20.11. Mandatory consultations;
Introduction Design Process (livestream)
27.11. Individual work
04.12. Consultations (registration till Wed. 2pm by email)
11.12. Individual work
18.12. Presentation Design Process
(live video + Q & A)
no course (Christmas holidays)
08.01. Introduction Prototyping & Evaluation (livestream)
15.01. Individual work
22.01. Consultations (registration till Wed. 2pm by email)
29.01. Consultations (registration till Wed. 2pm by email)
05.02. Final Presentation (live video + Q & A)

(topics and schedule are tentative and subject to change)