The talk addresses how we can improve the interaction quality of visual data analysis tools. The design approach we have chosen follows the Fluid Interaction paradigm. The theory of Reality-based Interaction inspires it, and we used our Blended Interaction Framework to guide our design. The talk will present different design solutions for crucial tasks for visual data analysis, like filtering large amounts of data or analyzing multi-dimensional data. Evaluations of these design solutions helped us to clarify the benefits and shortcomings of our Fluid Interaction paradigm for visual data analysis. The presented work contributes to closing the gap between visualization and interaction research and pointing out new ways to facilitate the operation of tools for visual data analysis.
Dresden Talk Harald Reiterer Dresden Talk Harald Reiterer


Harald Reiterer is full professor at the at the Human-Computer Interaction group of the University of Konstanz. As a computer scientist, his research interests are Interaction Design, Usability Engineering, and Information Visualization.