At this year’s ACM ISS (formerly known as ACM ITS) our group presents nine accepted contributions – 1 full papers, 1 note, 3 posters, 1 co-organized workshop, 3 workshop contributions. The 2016 ACM International Conference on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces takes place in Niagara Falls, Canada from November 6th to 9th, 2016. The subject of our full paper MultiLens: Fluent Interaction with Multi-Functional Multi-Touch Lenses for Information Visualization are the seamless and intuitive parameterisation, combination and visualization of magic lenses for touch-enabled interactive displays. Additionally, Ulrich von Zadow will present the note Miners: Communication and Awareness in Collaborative Gaming at an Interactive Display Wall which is joint work with students of our lab.

Our three posters Presenting Business Data: Challenges during Board Meetings in Multi-Display Environments, Foldable3D: Interacting with 3D Content Using Dual-Display Devices and Exploring Time-dependent Scientific Data Using Spatially Aware Mobiles and Large Displays will display our current research work.

In addition, we present three workshop contributions. Wolfgang Büschel discusses the work Improving 3D Visualizations: Exploring Spatial Interaction with Mobile Devices in the co-organized workshop Immersive Analytics: Exploring Future Interaction and Visualization Technologies for Data Analytics. Further on, Sebastian Lay who participated in an student exchange program with the University of Calgary presents the joint work Slicing the Aurora: An Immersive Proxemics-Aware Visualization which shows impressive visualization techniques of northern lights. Finally, Ulrich von Zadow will describe mobile device localization in the workshop “Interacting with Multi-Device Ecologies ‘in the wild'” with our contribution Interacting with Multi-Device Ecologies ‘in the wild’.