This year’s two big events, the 9th edition of OUTPUT, the project show of our faculty as well as the 12th Long Night of Sciences Dresden took place on July 3 and 4. Find exciting impressions captured on images at our photo gallery!

We picked three student projects to be presented at OUTPUT, including Break Block Mountain (Duc Dam, Daniel Bösel), a Lemmings-like game for our display-wall, Gestural Expressions for the Humanoid Robot Nao (Tamara Flemisch) and Nornir (Robert Morawa, Tom Horak), an interactive graph visualzation for time-related data.

The following day, night owls could see and try out Tangible Magic Lenses, Break Block Mountain and Gaze&Foot-Interaction for Navigation in Google Maps. The project VICCI also presented several demos. Amongst others visitors could move and grasp with a robotic arm purely by moving their hands.